April 18, 2008

Pet Peeves

Everyone has them, right?!

I have a big one. Actually it is work related.

I work at a Administration Center of a School District. I am located at the Receptionist desk but work as Accounts Payable (confusing..yes I know). Well, behind me sits the fax machine. And as you walk into my area sits all 30 mailboxes of all the other ladies and gentlemen that work in this office.

Now that you know the layout...let me tell you what peeves me off the most! Only 2 particular people come up to my desk and open their mail on my desk and grab the pen I am USING. First off...open your mail at your own desk! This is my area! Secondly, order your own office supplies! Then they grab the pen I am using. So, yes they walk all the way to where I am sitting (4 feet away from the mailboxes), and grab the pen I am using. Today someone took the pen out of my hand! I don't where they think its appropriate do this that sort of thing. And its highly irritating!

The most frustrating part is I get along great with both people. We aren't 'friends' or anything...but we get along. But I don't know if they think its OK to use MY desk as a work area or they just don't think about it. It's funny because the girls in my office that I would call my friends...would NEVER do this to me!

Does this sound petty? I truly don't think it is. It happens day in and day out...multiple times a day. And you don't see me going into their cubby or office and snatching their pens! Or opening mail on their desk.

Tell me what your pet peeves are!??? (and do you think I'm over reacting?!!!)