April 8, 2008

Phase 2

I've successfully made it through Phase 1 and have lost 15 pounds. And I have started Phase 2 today. Phase 2 is where you add 1 starch and 1 fruit. I have to admit..I'm a little nervous. I've done so good in phase 1, I really want to continue to do good in phase 2. SBD online informed me that I should choose a cereal with at least 5g of fiber and less than 8g of sugar. And let me tell you.....IT WAS HARD TO FIND! But I finally found Grape-Nuts. I guess you could call it like a granola cereal. The plan today was to mix some yogurt with the Grape-Nuts....which it's actually really good! Crunchy......but good! The trick is to let the Grape-Nuts 'soak' in the yogurt for a little bit...otherwise you will crunch so hard you will think your teeth are gonna break!

A lot of people stay on Phase 1 until they reach their goal weight and then put all their weight back on. That is why SBD has 3 phases. Its a lifestyle change NOT a diet. Phase 1 is all detoxing your body and getting rid of bad cravings. And Phase 2 helps you gradually add 'good' carbs in. And Phase 3 is maintaining. Ultimating Phase 2 is the weight loss phase, because its the weight that is going to stay off. Not the excess water weight you loose in Phase 1.

So, I feel more motivated than I ever have! All my pants are getting loose. I have so much more energy....And exercising is great!! I love it. When I'm done, I can't sit still. My house has never been cleaner...!!! I still have another 30 pounds to go....but if I get to 20 more I will be happy! In 4-7 more days I will get my Hip Hop Abs! Anyone wanna join me???