April 16, 2008


What's the deal with this wave of designer purses? Why do people seem like they need one? And it HAS to be Coach, Gucci, Prada..etc..

Here is MY new coach purse.

Yes. I got a Coach purse. I never thought I would own a purse worth $238. My girlfriend April and I went to the Coach outlet store on Friday (before the Milwaukee excursion) and she was on a mission to find a new Coach purse. She already has one and is "hooked". I went into the store thinking...I'm only going to look....but my $$ limit was $100. We must have circled the entire store 4 or 5 times. I saw a few I liked...but I wasn't going to spend $350! I have a purse fetish...so I would go broke! But I came across this one. And April and I both looked up at each other with WIDE eyes and gasped! We fell in love with it. So, as dumb as it sounds...we bought matching purses! The best part was it was marked down to $99 w/ additional 20% off (originally priced at $238)!!! I am really enjoying it because its a sling purse. I don't have to carry something OR hold it to my shoulder. It will be perfect for summer "outings" like Summerfest, Riversplash, Great America...etc. And I feel like I got a STEAL! I am in LOVE with it!

But I promise you that I will not buy any more....at least until next season..Ha!


Bella said...

I LOVE it! It is SO cute!!! I love the sling part of it...I am always searching for something like that for Ryan's shows!!! Hmmm...don't give me any ideas! :-)