December 26, 2008

Camera Crazy

I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday! We definitely did! It has been so nice to spend time with family for the last few days. It is also nice to relax now.... we have had 3 days straight of Christmas's!

One of my favorite gifts is the new camera I received from my Dad! The Canon Powershot A2000IS. I was in desperate need of a new camera.. Thank you Daddy!

After I read Anne Ruthmann's tutorial on Weddingbee...I have been dying to take some shots of my ring. And I'm sorry for stealing your blog idea Bella! But you inspired me!!! Check her ring shots! They are amazing!

I have been playing with my camera all night..and possibly went a little overboard! But here is what I came up with!

These 2 are my favorites.

(Dimitri decided he wanted to be included!)


Bella said...

Love them all! I really like the last one!

Isn't it so much fun? It's addictive too though...I think I know which shot I'm going to use for our guest frame!!

Hope you had a merry christmas...i got your email, I'll write tomorrow...very lazy! :-)

Bella said...

Oh...and I forgot to put this,'re not going to believe this...


haha! Yours is 6x optical zoom and mine is 4x...but otherwise, we have the spittin image camera...go figure, isn't that too funny?!

Cyd said...

Pretty! I think my BFF has this same exact ring (or so similar its scary) and I looooove it muchos!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these look great!