December 1, 2008

Dreaming of the perfect Cake topper

I've been having such a hard time choosing the perfect cake topper. They either look cheesy or too modern. I'm a traditional kind of girl who is envisioning a vintage wedding. But the cake topper industry is making it so hard on me.

Here are a few I kind of like..

Sources: Wedding Collectables, Rexcraft, That's my topper

I am lost in the cake topper world. Which one is your favorite?


Cyd said...

Hmmm...truthfully, I'm sort of anti-traditional cake topper. I'm loving monogram cake toppers or just simple flowers. But that's just me! I do know a couple of recently married friends who borrowed cake toppers from their family - parents, grandparents, etc. from decades ago and it was really sweet.

Bella said...

I really like the birds. I think they are cute. But they aren't really traditional are they?!

I love monograms too! I feel like a traditional vintage thing would be a vintage-y looking bride and groom... I'll help scour the internet for you! :-)

Blablover5 said...

I love the couple up top. I wanted the traditional people too, but I wanted to make them look a bit like us, so I took some paint and did some altering.

Krista said...

I don't like the children on top of the cake. Yes, the children are adorable, but something about it seems weird. And most "cake toppers" just don't seem right to me. Of those options (which I have to admit, are better than most cake toppers I've seen) I like the birds best.

The other thing I've noticed, and something you should look at (if you haven't already) is that the better the cake topper, the exponentially more expensive it costs.

For example:
-an ugly cake topper may cost $30
-an okay cake topper would then cost $60-100
-and a good cake topper might then cost $300
At least, of the cake toppers I've looked at, this is the pricing structure I've found.

Jenny said...

I'm starting to think traditional is not the way to go. I do kinda like the birds-but I'm not in love with them. And I have something against monograms. They are just too modern to go with my vintage theme. Otherwise they are lovely.

I just don't know what to do...