December 12, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by my blogger friend Krista over at Canadian Bride...

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Here are 6 random things about me:

1. I leave every drawer in the house open. I will grab a shirt and forget to close it. I've done this ever since I was a little. Mike HATES it. He will try to get up to pee in the middle of the night and bang his leg on one of my drawers... I'm glad he loves me!

2. I'm an extremely picky eater. I won't eat Chinese, pork, BBQ, seafood...the list could go on and on.

3. I've never been on an airplane. Or left the Mid-west. I live in Illinois, and I've only traveled to WI., MI., IN. and recently IA. (I'm damn excited for our Californian honeymoon!)

4. I'm a hairstylist. I went to school-got my cosmetologist license......loved it. But I needed a place where I could receive good benefits and make more money. So, now I work in Accounts Payable for an School District. The ladies I work with are my family...I love all of them. (Kinda like a salon...without all the unnecessary drama) I still do hair-but for friends and family only. I'm hoping one day I will get back into the salon-I do miss it a lot!

5. I was always a size 7/8 until I turned 18. From 18-19 yrs. old I went from a size 7/8 to a size 22. (I're probably thinking WHAAATT??!!) I developed Insulin Resistance (or Metabolic X)-apparently it runs in my family. But from 20-21 I dropped from a size 22 to a size 9/10. It only took me a year to loose that 100lbs. It took a lot of hard work-and the medicine helped too. I met Mike when I was 21, now I'm 26. My weight has gone up and down-but at the moment it's going waaayy down. I'm almost back into my 9/10's...and hopefully by the wedding I'll be in my 7/8's!

6. I'm daddy's little girl. My parents got divorced when I was only 2 years old. And I grew up with my Dad-and my Dad and I have nothing in common...but I look just like my mother...and sometimes I act just like her. But nonetheless...I'm daddy's little girl. And always will be.

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Krista said...

Wow. I love seafood. I don't know if I'm weirded out or if I feel pity! And barbecue? Does that include harmless things like veggie kebabs (vegetables on a skewer) cooked on a bbq?
Your weight/health issues don't sound like fun. At least you're getting it under control.
Airplane rides can be fun (turbulence doesn't really bother me - I know the plane's NOT going to crash). The only time I don't like airplanes is when I have a sinus cold (clogged sinuses + pressure changes = sucky).

Jenny said...

No, I'll eat stuff that has been on the grill. But I just don't like BBQ sauce..