December 7, 2008

RSVP's -Help!

While we were at The Country Squire planning our reception with our wonderful wedding coordinator. He told us that he wants us to have a name card for each person. And for each person should have a red dot for beef and a yellow dot for chicken. This way it won't look tacky when the waiter comes to the table asking who wants what. I couldn't agree more. However, I'm having a problem with the RSVP wording. I don't want it to look tacky!

Here is where I need your help.

We look for forward to celebrating with you!
Kindly respond by April ? 2009
_Regrets _Accepts
Please indicate name(s) for your choice of
_____Filet Mignon _____ Chicken Imperial
_____Chicken tenders (10/under)

We look forward to celebrating with you!
Kindly respond by April ? 2009
Please indicate an entrée choice for each guest attending
Filet Mignon
Chicken Imperial
Chicken tenders (12/under)
Unable to attend

The favor of your reply is
requested by April ? 2009
__ Accepts __ Regrets
Please intial your entrée choice below:
__ Filet Mignon
__ Chicken Imperial
__ Chicken fingers (12/under)

Please indicate 1, 2 or 3 for the one you like the best. Or if you have another suggestion please share!

Also, for the children's plate...should I omit Chicken fingers and just write 12 under? Chicken tenders just seems tacky to me. (Or am I just over thinking it?!)

I hate having to put the menu choices down. But our caterers are perfectionists, and want to be able to take each guest his/her food without having to ask "who had chicken" etc. I think they have this vision of the food magically appearing in front of everyone without the guests even having to think about it. Which is great..but now I'm stuck figuring out how to word our response card without looking tacky!

Please help!


Krista said...

I like the third option.

Chicken tenders might have people wanting them, not realizing they're chicken fingers. You could just put "under 12" or "under 10".

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Bella said...

I like the second and third one. I like how the second one looks though. Good job!!! :-)

I would say skip putting chicken tenders and just put 10 and under on there. I think it'll look better!

Cyd said...

I like the third option best, too.

Regarding the kids, I don't think you even need to worry about it on the RSVP itself. For most weddings I've helped out with, we simply make the kids' cards with a third color dot (say blue) as the cards are being made and let the venue know that kids meals are to be served to all the blue dots. As you're making your cards, you'll know which ones are the kids so you can handle the logistics of it yourself.

EliandMe said...

I like the first or the third option, the second one seems more complicated to my mind.

If I received an invite for me and the little one and there wasn't an option for a kids meal, I might get confused and think I had to choose an adults meal for the little one. But that's just me, I don't get much sleep anymore and I am easily confused by simple tasks... your guests may be much brainier!

jessica lynn said...

I'm a fan of #3 for sure. its the easiest for the guests to understand and it wont be hard for you to figure out who wants what!

Krista said...

So ... what'd you decide?!

Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Jenny said...

OK I'm still having a problem. I have chosen the 3rd one. But I restrictions on how how lines and how many characters on each line.
Only 6 lines.
37 characters on each line.

Which leaves me with this:
Kindly reply by April ?, 2009
Please initial your entrée choices:
____ Filet Mignon
____Chicken Imperial
____10 and under

I wanted to put accepts/regrets somewhere. Because what are those people who won't be coming do?? And does that sound ok??