December 31, 2008

His ring.

For months, Mike has been trying to find her 'perfect' wedding band. I find it so cute that he is being so picky! He is an he wants something different than the norm. We have looked at all the local jewelers, chain jewelers, online jewelers...and we finally found the one!


It's not only what he wants-but it's extremely affordable too! I am hoping to make the purchase this weekend! It is a special order-so we won't receive for a few weeks. But I can't wait for us to have it, and another thing checked off our list!

Has your fiance been picky about his ring?


Blablover5 said...

That's a really cool ring. My husband was the same, he wanted something really different and what we found at a local jeweler I have never seen anywhere else.

Since it's about impossible to explain here's a picture:

Dylan said...

Great find.!! That ring is pretty fabulous. Zales works again.