December 15, 2008

I'm not a morning person.


This is what I feel like in the mornings. (and look like!)

Mike will tell you (and so will my Dad)...I am a horrible person to wake up in the morning. I kick. I yell. I push. I moan. I throw my alarm across the room.

It's not pretty.

Both of my parents are like this. So, it's definitely genetic.

This is Mike's biggest pet peeve.. I will let my alarm go off for 45 minutes. Sometimes I don't even hear it..Mike has to reach over me and turn it off. He gets up 30 minutes after I do-and I definitely ruin his morning zzzz's. Yes, I feel bad..but I physically can't help it. I've tried.

Which leads me to this thought...

How will I be the day of my wedding? I have invited my bridesmaids to sleep over and have a slumber party! I'm hoping the excitement alone will get my ass up in the morning. But if not I have 6 girls to help me!!

Do any of you have serious problems waking up in the morning??


Blablover5 said...

I am not a huge morning person but for me when I am up I'm up. Doesn't matter if it's at 10 AM or 2.

But yeah on the wedding don't worry about waking up worry about trying to just get some sleep. You'll be so excited especially having all your friends over.


It's a Snow Day in blog-o-land!

Krista said...

Haha ... your friends are going to have to jump on your to wake you up! :)

Krista said...

(I got the snow-day snowball, too, btw)

DCKate said...

Hahahaha... I have to show this post to J. That totally describes me. He likes a soft, gradual alarm to wake up to, but I have to have an alarm that literally annoys me out of bed. Of course it drives him absolutely crazy. Good thing he loves me so much! :-)