November 30, 2008

Finalizing the guest list

Oh boy. I sat down the other night and entered in all our guest addresses. It took almost 4 hours!! I couldn't believe it.

Drum roll please...

Grand total: 288

I have HUGE family. Just my side alone equals about 175. The rest is Mike's side and our friends.

Back when we first got engaged...My Dad offered to host my wedding. He told me to invite whoever I want. And I asked him "Are you sure?" a few times-knowing that each guest plate would equal around $50. He had no problem with it. But now I can't help but feel bad. He still says he doesn't care. And even if I wanted to downsize the guest list-it's almost impossible. We truly only picked the friends most dear to us. The majority of the list is family..and family friends.

Our family are really excited for our wedding because we haven't had one in quite some time. And my Dad is happy that we will all be together for a happy occasion rather than a sad one...we have had far too many funerals in the last few years. We will be happy to see a lot of family and friends we haven't seen in a while. And my Grandparents will see their 1st grandchild get married. I see the twinkle in my Grandpa's eye every time we talk about the wedding. And my Dad says that is worth every penny of the wedding..

5 more months!!!


Krista said...

That's insane. Wow, you have a lot of family.

Blablover5 said...

That's a lot. And it may be good to try and aim for one set number so you don't keep having add ons after the fact which then leads to mass confusion later as to what the real number is.