November 19, 2008

Father-daughter Dance

I've been having some issues picking my father-daughter dance. And I need your help..

My Dad is the worlds greatest Dad. He raised me and has always been there for me. He is my #1 man in my life. And always will be. I'm truly a Daddy's little girl. However, we've never had a lovey dovey kind of relationship. Which has worked for us. We know where we stand and our actions speak louder than words. So, I want our song to be perfect and most of all meaningful.

My first thought was "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. I remember hearing Fleetwood Mac in the car when I was little. And it's such a pretty song.

But when I was listening to one of my Beatles albums..I also thought "In my Life" would also be perfect. I just love the words to this song. And I LOVE The Beatles. My Dad and I use to listen to the oldies station a lot while I was growing up.

Which one do you think I should choose? Or do you have other suggestions?


DCKate said...

I completely know how you feel. I think I lucked out, because my Dad is picking our song, so I don't have to think about it! :-)

Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands ever, Stevie Nicks' voice can't be beat, and Landslide is such a beautiful song. I would go with that!

Cyd said...

Oooo I vote for In My Life! I think it's perfect! Great lyrics, great music and how can you not love the Beatles?