November 28, 2008

I fell in love all over again

I picked up my dress today! And I swear I love it more than the day I ordered it. It's such a beautiful dress. I love it even more that it's ivory. And it's too big! Yay! I could have probably fit my arm down the corset. Thank God for alterations! I'm hoping that it will be even bigger by March for my 1st fitting. I have a few more pounds to loose...

I wish I could show you all pictures...but I can't. Mike reads this daily. And I don't want to ruin the surprise! If you want to see it-comment me and I will send you pix!

My MOH Bella and my other bestie Devon came with me... along with Devon's daughter (my flower girl), Mahala came with. She was a little hellion while we were there. But she was good once we put some flower girl dresses on her! I didn't like any that they I let her pick whatever she wanted.

Does anyone have ideas for flower girl dresses? Please send me some links!

Here is the little beauty!

Check out that runway pose!

Even though I didn't like the dress.. I really do like the vintage lace shown above.


Krista said...

I'm not big on it, either. And I don't like most flower girl dresses - they're either too big, too plain, too ornate or too expensive. Yeah, I'm picky.

The lace on that dress is very pretty, though, and it's great that Mahala likes the dress.

Blablover5 said...

If you aren't totally sold on an actual flower girl dress check out department stores and even Target. We got our little girls flower girl dress from Target for $15. It had blue polka dots and a pearl shine to it.

Too cute.

Shannon said...

i so want to see you dress!!