November 3, 2008

6 Months to go!

My ticker says we have 6 months until we say I do!

Woo hoo!

These last 5 months of being engaged have flown. I can't believe it. They have been so exciting and so wonderful. I hope the next 6 months fly by too!

The knot's checkist is kinda stressing me out though. I wish it would stop.



As you see there are many 'over due' tasks.

Why do I have to order my invitations so early?? And why do I need to tell my Matron of Honor and Best Man what I expect of them...when I'm not even sure of our 'Day Of'-Timeline. And the hotel my out-of-town guests will be staying at-is NOT even finished being built yet. And I've picked out my floral scheme + my deposit paid...but my florist doesn't want to finalize everything until January. And why do we need to book our rehearsal dinner site? all seems a little silly.

I think we can wait a few months for those tasks. Don't you?? I personally think finding my veil, bridal shoes and purchasing Mike's wedding band are WAY more important...

But here are all of my completed tasks...

  1. Chose a date
  2. Booked the church
  3. Booked the reception venue
  4. Booked my DJ
  5. Booked my Photographer
  6. Booked my Florist
  7. Ordered/paid for my dress
  8. Ordered/paid for all the bridesmaid dresses
  9. Chosen floral scheme
  10. Picked/bought all centerpieces
  11. Was lucky enough to have my Uncle be our Officiant
  12. Registered for gifts
  13. Have ideas for the rehearsal dinner site.
I think that is pretty good for being 6 months away.....


Guilty Secret said...

Can you change the due dates? Load of mine seemed too early (I use so I just changed them.

Jenny said...

I don't think I can on the knot. But I will try!

Anonymous said...

I seriously view these lists as "guidelines" and try not to drive myself bananas when I notice I have 25 overdue items :) "Guidelines"...