November 23, 2008

Change of plans..

We originally decided that we were going to go to New Orleans for our honeymoon. But after thinking about it...I wasn't really excited about going there. I have never really been out of the midwest. (yes I was sheltered..) So, I was envisioning something a little more exciting. And we knew we wanted to stay in the states to make our trip a little less expensive since we are trying to save for a house. But our decision was hard since Mike has been to every state in the US. He was a Military it was kinda hard compromising on which state we were going to honeymoon at..

Well last night we decided to go to California for our honeymoon! I've always wanted to go to Cali...ever since I was little. I want to see palm trees, and mountains, and the ocean, and Hollywood! Ha!

I was thinking of renting a car while we are there and driving some where different each day...and soak up everything I possibly can. But also having some romantic alone time...

I need your help! Where should we center our stay around? What city? And what other cities do you suggest us driving to?


Heather from the bar said...

Ok, how long do you have in California? I would highly suggest a road trip. There are so many great cities! You have to see San Francisco, no way around it. If you have a few weeks of honeymoon, I would say fly into San Diego, go to the zoo, go to La Jolla, and then drive up to Hollywood. Stop in San Clemente on your way and eat at Pedros. Stay in hollywood, but only for one night because (I hate to break it to you) it isn't all that amazing. See the hollywood sign, do the China town thing, then keep heading up. Hit up Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and wine country for a day or so. Morro Bay is awesome, get a Mexican Mocha at the dog coffee place on main street and go to the Shell shop on Embarcadero Street. Keep going up to San Francisco and stay there for a few days. There is soooo much to see. Keep going up if you have time. The California Coast is amazing!