November 11, 2008

First Day of Vacation

On the 1st day of our vacation...we went on a road trip to Lohrville, IA. Lohrville is my FMIL's hometown. It is such a cute little town.

Here is the start of our trip. In Mama B's van...

It was a long drive...We got to see lots of farm land and lots of cows...

Did I mention farmland??

I also got to meet Bette. She is like a mother to Mama B and a grandmother to the boys. She was the nicest lady of all time! Her house had so many beautiful vintage things in it..I wish I could have taken a picture of all of it. (But I really didn't want her thinking I was crazy..)

Here we are in front of Bette's house. Silly me forgot to get a picture of Bette...

Here is a Cancer Memorial plaque in Honor of Grandma...

We then ventured out to the cemetery to say Hello to Grandma and Grandpa..

This 1st day was my most favorite. I had so much fun meeting and learning about my future hubby's family. His Mom and I definitely bonded while on this trip...and I'm so thankful. We were close before..but now I am proud to say we are even closer. Mike is part of a great family and I can't wait to join them!

Later that night me and the boys joined the groom in his weekly dart league. It was a great night.....the groom was so cute..and umm drunk!

Next up..the rehearsal dinner!

Stay tuned!