January 20, 2009

7 week countdown

Guess what?!

I have 7 more weeks until my 1st fitting! Yikes!

I've lost my holiday weight. But I think I've plateaued. I'm stuck at a 30lb loss. I've stayed the same weight for 2 weeks. It's a little disheartening. I've maintained a strict diet-and still no losses. However, I haven't worked out since Dec. 5th. I've been bad! But I can't complain about my 30lbs loss...

Today I restarted the 30 Day Shred. And it definitely kicked my ass-but not as bad as the 1st few times I did it. So, I think that is good, right?! I'm going to start a workout schedule. Every other day I will do the 30 day Shred along with 20 minute cycling. And every day in between I will do 30 minute pilates with 20 minute cycling. These activities are my favorites...so I think I will get the most out of them. I might even try walking 30 minutes on my lunch break.

I really want to loose some more inches around my tummy. I don't care much about the weight--I just hope to loose some more inches. I'm also hoping that updating this weekly will help me! (This is my blog friend, Cyd's idea!)

Today I'm at...
Arm: 12
Waist: 35
Hip: 43
Thigh: 22

I'm not sure what a healthy goal is. I guess I just want to go down 1 more pants size..

Wish me luck!

and umm..motivation. I'm lacking motivation..(but I'm trying to concentrate on the dress!)


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Cyd said...

YAY! I am so glad you're trying it out...the posting will help, promise! And the dress is always perfect motivation. After being plateaued for a while, I bet you're going to drop a bunch quick with the added exercise.