January 2, 2009

A photo a day..

I found this new project from one of my friend, Bella. I saw it and had to copy her. She is OK with it! In fact, the article tells you to encourage your friends to do it. So, I am encourage you ALL to do it too!

Project 365. The point is to take a picture every day for a year. To capture every moment in your life. See how you change and grow in as little as a year. Life moves so fast-why not capture every moment you possibly can..? Plus, there is one great benefit. You become a better photographer. Score!

I've already started. I have plenty of pictures from 01-01-09. And today I showed the aftermath of our NYE party. I find it hilarious...

Take a peak..

The jello shots were my (and everyone else's) enemy. And we started with less beer...and people kept bringing more (there is more on the top)! Good times!

PS: Don't worry- I will not be posting a picture a day.


Krista said...

Not a bad idea. Lemme have a couple days to play around with my new camera (who am I kidding? I have yet to charge the battery!) and try it. But I won't commit to a post a day!

Miss Shugarman said...

as a transplanted wisconsite, i am quite proud to see that Leinies in the fridge :)

Blablover5 said...

You could do a post a week with all the pictures. Or highlight the favorites.

It is a lot of fun to look back and read over why you took the picture.