January 28, 2009

Honeymoon Part 2

Day 2: Our road trip to Santa Barbara.

We will leave L.A. May 5th and drive up the coast to Santa Barbara. We will be staying at this hotel. It's nothing really fancy but it's perfect for us. We are trying to keep this honeymoon as low cost as we can.
Day 1: LA
Day 2: Road trip-Check in with a bottle of Chardonnay and a box of gourmet chocolates-relax on the beach-and take in as much as we can..
Day 3: Enjoy more of the beach-and then go for our sunset dinner cruise on a 50ft. sailboat.
Check out this view..(I wish we could leave now!)
Day 4: Personalized country winery tour at 4 different wineries. Including a gourmet picnic lunch. A bottle of our chosen wine and 2 souvenir wine glasses. After our wine tour we may walk into town and check out some local restaurants and maybe wind down at some of their local night clubs.
Day 5: Beach and mountain horseback riding. I am especially looking forward to this. I've never seen mountains or the ocean. And absolutely love horses.
Day 6: Our road trip back down the coast to LA, there we will do some more site seeing. Our flight won't be departing until 11:30pm....

Then we will be back home Sunday. Just in time to celebrate Mikey's birthday!

I'm not sure what I'm most excited for....our wedding day...or our honeymoon!!!


Krista said...

That's a good spot to be in - not knowing what to be mroe excited about!