January 12, 2009

Bachelorette Fun!

***Warning uber long post!

Saturday night was my best friend Bella's bachelorette party! We all met downtown (Chicago) and partied in our hotel room. Watched Bella open all of her lovely gifts and played a 'girly' game-questions like "What was your most memorable kiss?".

I have to admit I had a BLAST!!! Being an 'outsider' of all her childhood friends-I was a little worried about how much fun I would have since I am so shy. But her friends are so sweet! I love them all. I'm happy that I have became friends with them!

We dressed her up in fun stuff! A purple lay with condoms and suck for a buck candies. A shot glass necklace, a whistle, a Miss. Bachelorette sash And a pretty veil! Ha!

We hit up the Baton Lounge first. It is a Drag Queen show. It was hilarous! Bella got to go up and annouce her name and her wedding date. Her heart was racing-poor thing!! I'm sad to say that I have no pictures from the Baton Lounge. "No pictures allowed" Boo! But it was a hoot!

Then we walked our way through the snow...to Howl at the Moon. I LOVED this bar! It's a modern piano bar. We had a freakin blast! We danced next to the piano all night! I'm sure some of us got a little wild and crazy-but that's the whole point of a bachelorette party, right?! The best part is that Bella the time of her life. Everytime I looked at her, she was smiling and laughing. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you were a part of making a friend so happy!

Love you Bella!!

Here is the last shot of the night....These girls are hilarious!

PS: We are taking a vote. Bella did her own makeup for this day-and is consdiering doing her own makeup for the wedding. All of us girls think she did an amazing job..and say go for it?! What do you all think? Doesn't she look gorgeous?!


Shannon said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Pretty soon that will be you :)

I think your friend is absolutely gorgeous and her makeup looked great so I'd do my own if I were her.

I did mine for my wedding and looking back at the pictures I am so glad I did because I looked like me...yes a more dressed up version but still me. You know?