January 7, 2009


I've been with out a computer lately-I miss you guys. Saturday I found out I had a virus on my computer. I tried really hard to fix it. But the virus was so bad that I couldn't even download anything-the virus kept blocking it. I have to admit that it's has got to be the most frustrating things to deal with!! I'm pretty computer savvy too. The computer tech here at my work said I did everything right-but the virus spread way too much. I sent it away to let the professionals fix it..and now they can't even turn it on! Wtf! It's not even 2 years old yet!! Geez!

I'm at work right now posting this (shhhh!). I will hopefully have my computer back by the weekend-and I have lots of stuff to post! And to comment on!


Krista said...

That sucks! I know someone who had a virus that prevented him from running the anti-virus program!

melissa said...

OMG! Was it called Rapid Anti-Virus? I got this over the weekend and it disabled all anti-virus programs and would quit long enough to download any new fixes. My fabulous fiance fixed it - it took a very diligent non-stop 6 hours. Good luck!