January 17, 2009

Wedding day: Accessories

Here is a sneak preview of my pretty little accessories for the big day..

These shoe clips are my something borrowed. My God-Mother wore these on her wedding day 20-something years ago. They are laying on top of my something old, which is a handkerchief my Grandma held on her wedding day 53 years ago. One of her best friends made it for her. Aren't they just lovely?

Here are my wedding day earrings. They were a Christmas present from my cousin Luke-he's got great taste, doesn't he?! He purchased them from here. I gave his mom a list of earrings that I would love..I didn't want anything too expensive. They will probably only be worn 1 day. I absolutely love them.

Here is my (wrinkly) veil that just came in the mail last week! As soon as the wrinkles relax I will put it on for you to see. It is exactly what I wanted...only $50! Check out affordable veils here. Again, why pay $300+ on something when you don't need to?? I'm still not sure if I will wear the top layer as a blusher...but I'm definitely thinking about it!

Here are items on my wish list.

This beautiful vintage garter. I just love it. Found here. I cannot wait to order it!

And last but not least my shoes..

It was hard for me to find plain shoes so I can attach my beautiful shoe clips. I've looked every where. But I love how classic these are. And they will be perfect for my shoe clips!

I still don't have my something blue..but I really want these..(hint..hint!)

Are you incorporating any heirloom pieces into your wedding day attire?


Anonymous said...

eeeew on the panties

melissa said...

I love the shoe clips. How unique, I bet you can't find things like that anymore. And the earrings are gorgeous!

Krista said...

Did anonymous mean "eeew" (meaning "yucky") or "oooh" (meaning "exciting")? Hard to say.

I love the earrings, too. And I'd just heard of shoe clips recently. Like last month. And it turns out they're obviously not new!

Jenny said...

Anonymous-Why the eeeeew??

Melissa-Thank you!!!

Krista-Shoe clips have been around for a long time! I think they give more of a vintage feel..don't you? I'm glad you like them!

Cyd said...

I don't have any heirlooms just yet, but I'm hoping to find something to include. I will be wearing a pair of diamond studs that are my sister's as my "something borrowed", my new ring from M as my "something blue" and on the hunt for a "something old."