January 16, 2009

Planning our honeymoon

This has been the toughest part of our planning. I have never really traveled before. Yes, I've been to our surrounding states (Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana) But no where else. I haven't even been on plane! I had no idea what I was doing. (Thank you Tina and April for helping us!!)

First, we thought we wanted to go to Italy. And ideally we would still LOVE to go there. But we just can't afford it. Then we thought New Orleans. I love antiques, and what better place to celebrate our marriage-then a beautiful old town?! But that still didn't really excite me. This is because ever since I was little I've had this infatuation about California. I always wanted to go there. Mike was hesitant at first because he has been there numerous times. But he knew how bad I wanted to go-so we compromised and decided to go to a region he was never been to.

Santa Barbara! And L.A.! Santa Barbara for the romantic part of our trip and L.A. to party like newlywed rock stars!!

May 4th we will fly into L.A. and stay 2 days. We are going to try and explore the first day...and hopefully stay in a beautiful hotel with lots of spa options (per MY requests!). Yes, I want to get pampered a little! I think I deserve it after 11 long months of planning!! We have yet to find a hotel we agree on. Also, we need to find some great night time hot spots-and party like rock stars! Ha!!

Anyone have any ideas of hotels? Or activities we can do in the L.A. area??

May 6 we are going to drive to Santa Barbara and stay at one of these hotels. They aren't anything special-but they have a great package we want! Check it out!
-A sunset dinner cruise on a 50ft. catamaran, we will see sea lions, dolphins and whales!
-Tour through the Santa Barbara wine country-yummy wine!
-A bottle of chardonnay
-And Lots of other wonderful treats-those were just my favorites!

Our last day will be May 9. We will drive back to L.A. on the coast line and hopefully get some amazing shots. I can't wait to fill my camera up with so much eye candy!

I cannot wait for honeymoon. The first 2 weeks of May will be so many firsts for me. 1st (and only time) getting married, first time on a plane, first time in California, first time on the ocean...first time being husband and wife.

I simply cannot wait!


Krista said...

Oh wow, that's fantastic. I'm happy for you!