October 18, 2008


Yesterday, I got a call from a co-worker from one of our other buildings. She asked me if I bought bubbles yet. I was thinking...I haven't even THOUGHT about bubbles! She went on by saying her daughters got married a year ago..and they forgot about their 'bubble girl' and the bubbles. And they have been sitting in her closet ever since! So, she wants to donate them to me! How sweet! She went on by asking me my colors....and even offered to take off the pink ribbons and put my sage ribbon on them! Now I think she is CRAZY! I told her I would NOT let her do that. Giving the bubbles to me is too much already!

She surprised me later in the day....by stopping by my office and dropping them off!!! They were even in a cute little basket!

And she gave me some tulle! I swear you it's hard to find nice people like this anymore...

Then she offered to let me use her Cricut machine! I squealed! I have a center project that the cricut would really come in handy!!!

She wouldn't take money. She said it would hurt her feelings if I gave her anything. But I have to do something for her.

Got any ideas on what I could do for her?????


Bella said...

You KNOW I've got some ideas!!! We can make her a cute decoration for her home! How sweet!