October 29, 2008

a Rock Star and a Princess

Our town had trick or treating this past Saturday....(I think it's dumb not to have it on Halloween..but that's a whole other post)... I only got 2 little trick or treaters! I think it's because we live on a busy street. But anyhow here they are...

The Rock Star is Morgan and the Princess is Valerie. They are the beautiful daughters of my good friends Steve and Rachael.

Aren't they SO cute!!!!?? I wish I got a better picture of Morgan...she had the cutest striped tights on! I wanted to get me a pair!!

I let them take my whole bowl of candy..since I can't eat it. They devoured it. In Seconds.

Happy Halloween girls!!!


Krista said...

So cute ... but so confusing. Hallowe'en's tomorrow!

Jenny said...

Why is it confusing?