October 12, 2008

Hair Day!

Yesterday Bella came over and we had a hair day! She had a rough time getting to my house because our local high school was having a homecoming parade on our main road! She finally arrived and surprised me with this lovely gift she made for me! I just LOVE it! How sweet is she?!

I highlighted her hair...and while she was processing she curled my hair. I wanted to experiment and see how my hair would look curled. I am trying to figure out how I want my hair for the wedding and I have a few ideas. The end result was so cute! However...I think I need to give myself some more height-my face looks so chubby! Yuck! AND my hair needs to GROW! It looks super short! I want it another 3 inches longer-and then I think it will be perfect. I have 6 months to go...I hope I can do it!

What is this gray area? Need new camera ASAP!

Here is a back view..

After Bella was done processing I gave her a light trim...And I did her practice updo! And she LOVED IT!!! (Sorry no pics! Has to be kept a surprise!) I was sooo happy she liked it. It was simple but so elegant. Just like her! She loved it so much she asked me to do it on her wedding day!!!!! I feel so honored. I mean seriously....how many people have the chance to do their best friend's hair for their wedding?? I am just so happy! Her wedding is coming up quick! Just a little over 3 months. (I have to find my mannequin heads...and start perfecting it!!!!)

Next up....shopping and date night!


Bella said...

I did LOVE it so so much!!! I am honored that you would do my hair on my very special day! I liked yours too though, I thought it looked awesome...I agree on the volume, just to add some oomph!!!