October 25, 2008

Oh. My. GOD.

The concert WAS AMAZING!!!!

First off, I have to give a BIG ASS THANK YOU to my friend April. She got us these tickets. And the seats were unbelievable. I screamed as I walked into our row... "ARE WE REALLY THIS CLOSE??!!!"

Here we are waiting outside...
Look how close we were!!!!

I'm still on cloud friggin 9!

They put on the best show I've ever seen. It was fucking awesome.

They had 2 opening acts. First, Tami-Chynn from Kingston, Jamaica. She was SO cute! And really good! Second, was Natasha Bedingfield. She was also amazing! She has got the cutest accent!!

Then..THEY came on stage. I almost fainted. And I'm seriously not kidding. I jumped up and down and screamed so damn loud throughout the whole entire show. April mentioned at some point that she has NEVER seen me THIS happy. I danced ALL night long and screamed and sang...It was pure bliss! I was very surprised that the show was SO GOOD. They did so many nice things throughout the show too. They mentioned that 1 of the tank tops that they were selling...all the proceeds were going to Breast Cancer Research. Aw! And they played a short video in remembrance to the ones we've lost...Ailyiah, Left Eye, 2-Pac, Biggie, Donny's grandpa, Danny's Mom (from Breast Cancer)...it was so sad. I actually had a few tears swelling up! They are really a great group of guys.

My 2 favs of the night were Donny and Joey. I was always a DIE HARD Joey fan. But there is something about Donny these days.. that does BAD things to me! I think both of them looked at me a few times!

I may be the biggest dork. Ever. But there were a LOT of other girls screaming and acting more crazy than me. Ha. So..there. And I totally appreciate their music SO much more now. They are such good performers.

They also said Chicago was the BEST crowd! And had the most GORGEOUS woman! Woot Woot!

I was kinda mad because there were signs all over NO CAMERAS. So, we were afraid if we brought ours in we would have to take them all the back to the car... But I got some pictures from my camera phone..

Let me grace you with some pictures..(my apologies for the crappy pix)

The 1st 2 pictures are from their encore...Hangin' Tough. You should have seen it..everyone had their one arm in the air...waving side to side. It was sooo damn awesome!!!!!!!!!
I swear Joey was serenading me...

When Jordan took his shirt off..April pulled me so hard I thought I was gonna fall OVER!

I'm so glad I got to see them! I never thought I would ever see them in concert...I was too little when they first came out.

It was an absolute BLAST!