October 29, 2008

Jenny and Mike Crocker...

We are both going to change our last name to Crocker.


We decided to bake some goodies for the lady who gave us the 'wedding' bubbles...(as stated in my previous post)

First, we made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Mmmm...

While were we letting the cupcakes cool...we started on the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.

Here they are right before we put them on the cookie sheet to bake..

And here they are right out of the oven.

Our house smelled heavenly.....

We took a small break to say Hi!

Then on to the cream cheese frosting....

Here it is all ready to get put on the cupcakes...

Finished product..cooling.

And I bought this cute little basket to put the cookies and cupcakes in! I'm going to be delivering them to her tomorrow. I hope she likes them!

One of our favorite things is to cook/bake together. We have so much fun...and our finished product is always delicious. (Even though I can't have any.....I still 'taste tasted'!!) We have this passion for cooking. I can't explain it. We just Love. It.

If you want any of the recipes just comment me..and I'll give it to you!

(Mike HIGHLY recommends the cookies!)


Shannon said...

YUM!! i love to bake myself and have been on a cupcake making spree...my husband actually asked me to take a break. haha
i think he's getting a bit tired of them so can i please have the cookie recipe so i can give him something different??


p.s. tell mike i said "hello"

Guilty Secret said...

Yum! What a sweet way to say thank you :)