October 20, 2008

I heart Peonies

My knot checklist is telling me I should decide on floral scheme and choose my flowers. Most brides already KNOW what flowers they want at the beginning of their engagement. But mine have changed a few times. At first I had to have Calla lilies....

Photo credit: the knot

But then decided they were too modern. And I just didn't love them...

Then I remembered that my Grandparents use to have a peony garden on the side of their house...and when I started seeing pictures of peonies...I instantly fell in love. So, I have made my final decision. I want my bouquet to be a bundle of peonies. Aren't they just beautiful?! My personal favorite is the bottom row-middle.

Photo credits: theknot

I definitely want all white/cream peonies for my bouquet. But I think I want my girls to carry cream and blush peonies. They will be wearing this dress....(I can't show you my dress-Mikey reads my blog!)
Photo credit: The Dessy Group

But I have one problem...what will the boutonnieres be? Peonies are too big to be a boutonniere...Aren't they? So, then do I add some ranunculuses to our bouquets? (See above boutonniere is a ranunculus)

I really had my heart set on an ALL peony bouquet....and Mike doesn't really care about flowers. I need your help!

What do you think??


Bella said...

You can do peonies for the girls and then the R flowers (can't respell or even pronounce that word!) for the guys' boutonierre's(?)...I think they look similar and would go perfectly well together!!! What do you think?!

Guilty Secret said...

I think that as long as they compliment each other, you don't need to have the exact flower you use for his buttonhole in your bouquet.

Cyd said...

I concur. There is no need for the flowers to be matchy matchy, just pick a flower for the guys that is in keeping with the same feel of a peony. I LOVE peonies! If I were a June bride I would be all. over. them.

Krista said...

There are lots of flowers with that same luscious look of peonies. You can use carnations or English roses to have that same full-ness, but in a smaller form. That way, you're not too matchy matchy, but just going with a cohesive theme!