October 12, 2008

Date night!

After our shopping adventure..Mike took me to see a movie. Not just a movie...the movie I've been dying to see! Nights in Rodanthe. I am obsessed with Nicholas Sparks (as I state in a previous post)

It was fabulous. I laughed, I cried. It was a great movie-and they followed the book really well! Even Mike liked it! I was surprised!

Richard Gere...swooooooonn!

After the movie-I dried up my tears..And went to Friday's to have a couple drinks, and wind down for the night. I wanted to have my fav the Tropical Berry Mojito Shaker, but they were all out of mint leaves! Damn! But I tried their Ultimate Jacobs Creek Sangria- YUM-O!!!! Mike had jsut a plain ol' Margartia.

Then we went home and crashed!!! It was a long-but happily eventful day!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Bella said...

Yummy...I did end up having my margaritas last night too! Well just one...but it was yum-o! I want to see that movie too!