October 13, 2008

Went to the beach...in October!

Yesterday we were on our way to visit Mike's Dad and look for baby pictures of Mike....and we stopped at the beach.

Who knew on October 12th it would 76 degrees?!! It was beautiful! We walked around and just soaked up the last 'hot' day of the year.

It looks like fall....yet it felt like spring.
As beautiful (and warm) as it was. I can't wait for Fall weather. I love wearing sweaters and curling up on the couch with a soft blanket. And look at those colors. I love when the leaves turn colors...it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

This is an elderly couple, just sitting and chatting on the beach. I had to capture this moment. In a weird way it reminded me of Mike and I. I hope we are still riding our bikes at that age....and doing things as a couple. They were so soaked up in each other..they didn't even notice we were there. It was the cutest thing!


Bella said...

Oh my gosh!!! Want to hear something freaky?!...I just said to Ryan the other day that I wanted to go to Lake Michigan and just walk along the shore before it gets too cold out! haha! That is too funny! Could we think any more alike?! :-)

Anonymous said...

2 things.

1) I really miss the leaves! There are no changing color out here in L.A.! And as much as I love the palm trees, I still miss Fall leaves.

2) That picture of the couple is really beautiful. The blue of the ocean and the sky is striking, but I love the couple just sharing a moment with eachother. Seems very peaceful.


redframe said...

Hello! So strange and wonderful that you gals are falling into and in love with fall while we're jumping up and down for the first signs of summer... Lovely post, especially the bike couple!