October 18, 2008

It's not a stencil

At work someone gave me a pumpkin to put on my desk as decoration. And it sat there for couple weeks and everyone kept telling me to paint something on it. But what they don't understand is...I can barely draw a stick figure! So..I decided to bring it home and let the artist draw something. We went to Michael's and got some acrylic paint..and he went to town of this pumpkin!

How awesome is that witch!!??

Well, I brought it back into work and everyone who walked in flocked to the pumpkin and complimented on how awesome it was. Except..the person who gave it to me. She didn't believe me that it WAS NOT a STENCIL. This kinda irritated me...

People he did this free hand.

Isn't it awesome!?


Bella said...

Cute!!! I love it and I WOULD believe immediately that Mike did it! So there! haha!